Chiapas, Mexico was voted by National Geographic Traveler as Best 50 Tours of a Lifetime!

Chiapas, Mexico was voted #2 in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel: top 10 regions. Come visit Chiapas with us! 

This is the Mayan itinerary with pictures, prices & information. Click on "The Sublime Magnificence of Chiapas" below.

 Villahermosa Tabasco and Palenque Chiapas, Mexico Local Time


You may be familiar with Mexico's beach resorts on the Pacific or the Mayan Riviera, but real Mexico is so much more than that.

To start, did you know its pyramids and artifacts rival Egypt's? And it has villages where culture has not changed for 100's of years.

You can escape to a sacred forest and be cleansed by a Maya Shaman. Or, spend time in an eco-lodge run by present-day Maya.

Mexico's oldest ruins, some still covered by jungle growth, are found in the state of Tabasco. Shortly after landing in the rainforest city of Villahermosa, Tabasco you will see huge Olmec heads dating back from 1500 BC.

The area also features original Maya cuisine, with herbs, spices and produce only found in this part of Mexico.

The world's first cocoa beans originated here. They were used as currency by the Maya and Aztec. The beans were also crushed, mixed with water and enjoyed as exclusive drinks of the gods by Maya and Aztec rulers.

In Tabasco and Chiapas, early Mesoamerican cultures developed into the great culture of the Maya, and present-day visitors can see Maya ruins, carvings, hieroglyphs and the Maya calendar. Visitors can learn about Maya indigenous medicine and see original medicinal gardens with healing plants planted centuries ago.

Download the full itinerary and see the places you will visit. This is a very special place and it is in the spirit of awe and respect that we embark on this journey.

Your guide is a former tourism secretary with the Chiapas government in the city of Palenque. He is a Maya specialist and speaks fluent English, French, German and Spanish.

There is also a strong eco-element to this tour. You will walk through Lacondon rain forests and see waterfalls, howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, butterflies and amazing jungle growth. You'll also take a boat ride down a river through the Sumidero Canyon.

And, you'll walk on cobblestones streets in some of the most beautiful colonial towns in the Americas. Many are designated UNESCO world heritage centers.

Come, discover Tabasco and Chiapas with us. The beauty, culture and magic will amaze you.

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