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Just a few weeks ago, a few writers and I were invited to explore Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, in Florida.

I love a good adventure, and warm climates, so I went. But after living in Latin America, much of Florida lost its magic for me. I’d been back recently and it felt like falling out of love with an old flame.

But I still like Miami. And not because it’s popular with A-listers, or that a snazzy magazine says it’s hot. You feel happy there because it's got an inner dimension that goes beyond pure glitz.

So I set off to Southwest, Florida, via Fort Myers, to see what Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands had to offer.

Well, I liked Fort Myers airport. I was greeted with a smile and a, “welcome!”  Wow. No airport bad attitude here.

I picked up my luggage and waited for two other writers.

I’d already been tweeting with one of them. But when I landed, she was no-where to be found. I connected with the second writer, and we hit it off right away as we took turns trying to find the first. But she'd disappear after tweeting her latest location.

And through all of this, we had an amazing private chauffeur. He circled the airport while we looked for the missing writer. And, apart from later setting us flying with every speed bump he’d nearly miss, he was one of the pleasantest people you could ever meet.

Finally the second writer appeared in the arrivals section, looking exactly how she described herself in her latest tweet, but not a bit like her Twitter avatar.

To be continued.

Disclosure: This trip to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands was paid for by the Charlotte Harbor Visitor and Convention Bureau. All comments are unbiased and are reports and reviews of the locations, amenities and experiences provided for by the bureau.